Mai Wah Society

Art Collection

The Mai Wah Museum includes a small collection of fine art, created by local artists and specifically related to our mission to promote the Asian heritage of Butte. Most of the pieces relate to Chinese New Year and have been donated by the artists. Some are on display in the museum, and prints of some are available for purchase in the Gift Shop, as indicated below.

Toni Seccomb's dragon (right, click to enlarge) commemorated the 2011 Chinese New Year Parade. See another example of Toni's art here.

Richard Nelson's copperplate engraving "Happy Snake" (left) is available in the gift shop at $25 each; 5 prints are available.

Michael Masters won first prize in the Butte-Silver Bow Arts Foundation's 2013 Year of the Snake Competition, and donated his painting (below) to the Museum.

We thank all these artists for their generosity!