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American Story: Chinn Family (2014)

Chinn reunion (KXLF)

CNY 2014

CNY 2014

CNY 2014

Victor School projects (Jan. 2014)

CNY 2013

Grand Reopening of the Mercantile (June 2013)

Opening for summer 2013

Mystery at the Mai Wah (June 2012)

Anna Jones, Ocho Ocho book signing, June 2012

Artifacts return (June 2012)

Coming Home (Jan. 2011)

History Detectives (July 2006)

2,500 objects returning to Mai Wah

The loan arrangement with the Montana Heritage Commission, to return a huge collection of cases and artifacts originally in the Wah Chong Tai Mercantile, has been finalized. Read the press release here. Dec. 2010.