Mai Wah Society


Dragon Rental

The Mai Wah's Dragon Rental policy is as follows. Rates are subject to change without notice. These rates are for use of the dragon in circumstances where Mai Wah personnel are not transporting and handling the dragon.

  • Non-profit rental fee: $100
  • For-profit rental fee: $150
  • Refundable damage deposit: $200
  • Transportation fee outside Butte: $0.50 per mile if we transport; no charge if you transport (see guidelines for handling; requires a closed vehicle)
  • Insurance rider naming the Mai Wah an additional insured specifically for the Dragon, valued at $3000

    The Mai Wah Society may adjust or waive these fees under certain circumstances, at its discretion. The dragon is not available at all times; scheduling pick-up and drop-off times well in advance is imperative. Payment is due in advance.

    The Mai Wah Society has school programs highlighting Chinese heritage, culture, and activities.

    The Traveling Trunk is a work in progress based on the Archaeological Dig. The trunk was developed through a grant from the Montana Archaeological Society and circulated to educators via the Hands on History Footlocker program of the Montana Historical Society. Thanks to Debbie Mueller, Mitzi Rossillon, and others for creating this treasure.

    Mai Wah at Butte Head Start

    Donna Kenney at Head Start is spearheading programming for kids that focuses on different cultures. The Mai Wah's Dori Skrukrud read them a story about "how chopsticks were invented" and did a little training in their use. The following day they had a cooking class where they made won tons and stir fry. Donna says "They still talk about the little dragon, Dori's dragon hand puppet. Many of the teachers have the pencil "chop sticks" in their skills area of the classroom." The program reached more than 150 students.

    Do you think they're fascinated?Learning to use chopsticks