Mai Wah Society


Volunteers are always needed at the Mai Wah! The kinds of help you can provide range from a strong back to professional guiding through the exhibits. If you'd like to be on the notification list for any of these roles, let us know at, contact a board member, or stop in at the museum when we're open to talk about things.

  • Clean-up assistance - we are always working on organizing and moving things. This often happens during "service days" during the off-season.
  • Staffing the museum - we can only afford to pay our seasonal museum manager for part-time work, so board members and others fill in. Requires some training.
  • Guide services - even if you can't or don't want to hang out in the gift shop, you could learn to be a guide, both to take up the slack when we are open and to serve as a guide for tours during the off season (we are always available for tours by appointment).
  • Outreach services - do you like working with children? We get requests to provide programs both at the museum and in school settings.
  • Other - once you become familiar with the museum, you may well have your own ideas for areas where you'd like to contribute. Let us know!


Loretta Ballek74 hours in the gift shop
Madlyn Bracco-Taylor10 hours in the gift shop
Siwen Liutranslation work
Pat Panszesoapmaking and help with inventory
Deb Muellerexhibit to Ft. Missoula
Mitzi Rossillonhelp with exhibit for Ft. Missoula
Noorjahan Parwanajob description, dragonmaster
Jim Ramseyfireworks
Chris Fisk and Butte History Clubparade dragon
Dori Skrukrudfloats for parades
Mike Mazzolinifloat coordination
Elizabeth RamseyNewsletter
Lindsay MulcahySpecial Projects, parade
Robert EdwardsMoving, fireworks, special projects
Janet SperryCuratorial services
Bob BrockBoard member
Jim GriffinBuilding repairs, moving Mercantile
Jana FaughtPresident
Debbie BishopShares coordinator, Secretary
Dick GibsonTreasurer, tour guide, webmaster